‘Our party MUST endorse Hilda Santiago for Secretary of the State’

State Rep. Hilda Santiago


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Dear Governor Lamont,

We are writing today to ask for your support in helping to nominate a Hispanic candidate to statewide office. There is only one candidate running who is endorsed by the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus, and she is the only candidate with the experience required of the job: Hilda Santiago.

The representation of diversity for the office of State Treasurer has been critical in ensuring that we Democrats win at the state level and that a degree of equity is on our ballot every four years. This 60-year tradition did not, however, happen by itself. It has been fought for and guaranteed by leaders of our party for generations.

The time has come for Latinos to be granted the same opportunity and similar, equitable representation at the statewide level. For years, we have tried to have a Latino elected to statewide office, but the Democratic Party has closed this door to our people time and time again. This must stop.

Our party MUST endorse Hilda Santiago as our candidate for Secretary of the State. Governor Lamont, you can help make this happen. We ask that you, as our Governor, get involved in this critical race and make your preference known by endorsing Hilda Santiago. We had your back in 2018, and we ask that you have ours in 2022.

Nationally, 38% of Hispanic voters cast their ballots for Republicans. It is only a matter of time before that trend begins to hit Connecticut. You have the opportunity to stop that national trend by helping to endorse Hilda Santiago as our next Secretary of the State.

Senator Chris Murphy has stepped up to endorse Hilda. Congresswoman Jahana Hayes has stepped up to endorse Hilda. It is time for you to use your considerable influence to make this happen. It is time for our Latino people to have a seat at the table. Her inclusion on our ticket this November will deliver a win for us all.

We have done a statewide analysis of what Hilda Santiago brings to the Democratic ticket and the facts are undeniable. Latino turnout will increase dramatically. If there is a 15% increase in Latino turnout which we will make happen—that is 30,000 extra votes for Democrats up and down the ballot. We request that you get involved in this race and endorse Hilda Santiago for Secretary of the State.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Frank Alvarado, CHDC Treasurer
Yolanda Castillo, CHDC Founding Member
Miguel Castro, CHDC Chair
Efraín Domínguez, President, New London City Council
David Feliu, CHDC Vice-chair
Minnie Gonzalez, State Representative
Kay Muñoz, CHDC Secretary
Aidee Nieves, President, Bridgeport City Council
Geraldo Reyes, Jr., State Representative
Tomás Reyes, former Chief of Staff, New Haven Mayor’s Office
Norma Rodriguez, former CHDC Chair
Maly Rosado, President, Hartford City Council
Edwin Vargas, State Representative