Study in Science Finds Personality For a Dog is Not a Matter of Breed


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Beagles are scent hounds, prone to wander as they follow their noses. But Bonnie the beagle is a couch potato. Beagles are known for chumminess. Clyde the beagle, however, enjoys his independence. Beagles are noted for their gentleness, but gentle would not describe Mikey the beagle’s rapid-fire high-jumps.Subscribe to CT ExaminerFor just $15/year or $5/month you receive full access […]
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Angela Carella

For 36 years prior to joining the Connecticut Examiner, Angela Carella was a beat reporter, investigative reporter, editor and columnist for the Stamford Advocate. Carella reports on Stamford and Fairfield County. T: 203 722 6811.