The Corporate Media Places Misleading Labels on Legislation to Promote Propaganda and Disinformation.


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To the Editor:

It is funny how the corporate media places misleading labels on pieces of legislation in order to promote propaganda and disinformation.

This is what ought to be taught in K – 8 and throughout our society for ever and ever. If we are deprived of the oxygen of free speech our democracy is suffocated and dies. The USA was founded in 1776. It went into precipitous decline in 2016. We are reaping the harvest of the subordination of a free press to sinister political partisanship. Only “we the people” embattled as we are, can unite to restore the fundamental ideals embedded in our Declaration required to make America dynamic again.

The evisceration of free speech is how the election was stolen from Trump: four years of mislabeling and disinformation.. Of course, he shares the blame. It’s not funny but it is the most frightening of phenomena, election by propaganda, the antithesis of the land of Liberty and Constitutional government. 

The current custom in journalism holds that legislation sponsored by Democrats carries the title preferred by Democrats, while a Republican-sponsored bill carries the title preferred by Democrats. Therefore modern newsroom policy dictates that President Joe Biden’s desired assault on taxpayers shall be called “Build Back Better” but Florida’s new law shielding 7-year-olds from state-sponsored gender identity lectures must be labeled “Don’t Say Gay.”

This policy of granting exclusive legislative naming rights to one party is of course intended to influence rather than inform public debates. In the case of Florida the specific intent is to bully state officials into accepting that even reasonable measures to ensure age-appropriate education and parental involvement will be mischaracterized by journalists as unacceptable bigotry. A bedrock principle of contemporary media is that government employees must not be denied the right to emote about sexuality in front of kindergarten classrooms.

The good news is that Florida officials still seem to prefer protecting kids to cowering before the woke mob that speaks for few Americans but enjoys disproportionate access to corporate megaphones. And this column can only imagine the derisive nickname that will soon be crafted by Democrats for reporters to describe the latest good sense from Tallahassee.

The Florida Department of Health is pushing back on guidance from the federal Department of Health and Human Services that promotes “gender-affirming care,” including hormone treatments and even surgery on adolescents wrestling with sexual identity. Specifically, the Floridians say that the feds are ignoring the science that calls into question the value of such treatments on young people, as well as potential harms.

Timothy C. Moynahan, Esq
Waterbury, CT