Is there a Significant Safety Hazard on Rogers Lake?


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To the Editor:

My perusal of newspaper articles, letters and personal conversations regarding a proposed “no wake” ordinance requiring signs in designated areas on Rogers Lake leaves one question unanswered, namely:  do current circumstances create a significant hazard to swimmers, boaters, or kayakers like me?  Have there been actual instances of injury or unacceptable danger to people on the lake?  It seems as if prevalent noise generated by boaters does not present a problem to those living in proximity to the sites in question, since those residents are mostly opposed to the signs. 

Thus the major question, in my view is that of safety.  If indeed, evidence of major hazard exists, corrective action should follow.  If not, creation of an ordinance, especially with no real mode of enforcement may do no more than create a nuisance overall.  As in many spheres, evidence should be the principal driver of action.

Herbert Ross
Lyme, CT