Rogers Lake Meeting “Was Not a Meeting at All”


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To the Editor:

The Rogers Lake Authority meeting was not a meeting at all. It was a sad representation of persons who no longer care about our treasured lake. They seem to be all about power instead of the conservation or safety in the lake.

My family has been coming to this lake since the 1930s and we have lived here since the 60s. My Dad was a town employee under Tim Griswold until his passing. We know this lake! We had to clear the weeds in front of our dock yearly with our boat motor in order for it to be clear enough to swim or fish. Without boats traveling through these areas it will become a swamp in the center with 2 small ponds on the north and south ends. There will be accidents/ incidents as boats are having to stay on one end for recreational use . Our children and families will not be safe on tubes or skis with this limited area. The whole composition of the lake will transform significantly. These individuals who are asking for the no wake zones need to look at these issues and  hire the appropriate people to study the conservational aspect , which will cost taxpayers unnecessary dollars. They also need to recognize the safety concerns.  There is a mutual understanding and respect among boaters on our lake. There has not been an issue in the recent years that would make this essential at this time. There should be well-informed people at the boat launch to educate visitors on the rules and regulations. That in itself would be a better alternative than sticking buoys and causing dissension among veteran boaters .

The Rogers Lake Authority meeting that was held on 4/19/22 was not a meeting, it was a speech given by a dictator who would not acknowledge the community that was in attendance. He ran the meeting with his back to the attendees for 90 minutes. It is an embarrassment to think that this person has any AUTHORITY in our town at all. He refused to answer or even speak to anyone in attendance. The public had to ask them for their names and position as they didn’t introduce themselves, however, in order to speak, the public had to offer their name and address. This Dictator then got up in the middle of a tax paying citizen speaking and said “meeting adjourned”.  It was rude , unprofessional  and totally inappropriate. This was HIS meeting not for the public. His actions surely will cause contention in the community. There is no need for this strife as we all want the same thing. Why fix things that are not broken? Our lake is beautiful and safe and we need to keep it that way.

Dorothy Rockwell
Old Lyme, CT