‘Aid in Dying’ Story — Shallow and One-Sided


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To the Editor:

“Aid-in-Dying Bill Fails Again at State Capitol” is a surprisingly shallow, one-sided piece. 

Not only does reporter Steve Jensen repeatedly use the offensive term “aid in dying” to describe assisted suicide.  He quotes proponent and lobbyist Tim Appleton without reaching out to any of us who have spent hours and years talking with legislators, providing testimony, and writing letters to the editor. 

Worse, he neglects to report that the so-called safeguards are only there long enough to pass legislation.  Once the program has been established, the same proponents who touted its safety work to reduce and ultimately remove these safeguards. 

This article is a disservice to the readers, and I request equal time on behalf of the disability community and others whose lives are threatened by these bills. 

Cathy Ludlum
Manchester, CT

Ludlum is a member of Second Thoughts Connecticut