A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Transit Zoning Bill Would Remove Local Control


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To the Editor:

The following is a statement from CT169Strong on HB 5429, a bill concerning Transit Oriented Development, which was heard by the Planning and Development Committee on Monday:

Throughout the day-long hearing, the flaws of HB 5429, constructed by development lobbyists, were abundantly underscored by lawmakers of both parties and individuals from throughout our 169 cities and towns. Zoning legislation that permanently changes the landscape of our towns and does not create affordability, should be well scrutinized, studied and developed by all stakeholders, not just paid lobbyists.

HB 5429 is not about transit oriented development, jobs nor affordable housing but an attempt to eliminate local control and the empowerment of our communities and residents. It is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Once again, this bill doesn’t address the real problem in Connecticut — a lack of opportunity and jobs for its residents, which is the only sustainable way to improve affordability.

Alexis Harrison