Undocumented Mothers, Just Like the Rest of Us, Can’t Afford it


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To the Editor:

RE “With Child Health Benefits to Start in 2023, a Push to Extend Husky to All Ages of Undocumented Immigrants,” Feb. 16:

Instead of asking how we can take more money from tax paying citizens to pay for exorbitant medical costs do we ever ask why these medical facilities are charging so much in the first place?

It’s kind of like how we keep subsidizing universities and certain people on the hard left keep calling for free college and “debt forgiveness” while never addressing the fact that college tuition has risen 4.6 times the rate of inflation. It’s outrageous what medical facilities and doctors charge.

I don’t blame the undocumented mothers wanting to get their kids healthcare, sure, just like the rest of us, they can’t afford it.

Matt Malecot
Middletown, CT