When Discussing Torture and Punishment, Remember the Victims of Crime


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Ann Massaro is correct in her letter about solitary confinement being torture, depending on what your definition of torture is, and who deserves such punishment. 

Let’s take for example the two monsters, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, who in 2007 raped, tortured and burned alive the wife and daughters of Dr William Petit in Cheshire.

Dr. Petit is tortured every day by what these two murders did.  In Ms. Massaro’s eyes it is ok for him to be tortured for the rest of his life but the murderers get the camraderie of other prisoners, TV, visitations, Christmas parties.  Things they stole from Dr. Petit.  Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes were given the death penalty. 

I am ok that the death penalty is no longer legal in CT.  But, don’t lecture us on how poorly criminals are treated without considering the endless torture and pain that they inflicted.

Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes deserve solitary confinement for the rest of their miserable lives.

Robert Curt
Westbrook, CT