Democrat Finizio Exits as Marx Enters Race for State Senate Seat


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Today, Democratic State Senate Candidate Daryl Justin Finizio announced his withdrawal from the race.

“Following State Senator Paul Formica’s retirement announcement this week, I learned of New London City Councilor Martha Marx’s entry into the race,” Finizio said in a release.  “I have had numerous discussions with Democratic party leaders in the past  few days and it is clear that the only path forward to the nomination is through a  Democratic Party primary.” 

In the release Finizio said that while he believed he could be successful in the primary, he was equally convinced that a primary between two new London progressive Democrats would only result in the election of another conservative Republican to the 20th district.

“I entered this race to focus on issues, like expanding health care coverage and promoting the economic interests of working families. I am content in the knowledge that in Martha Marx, we will have a candidate who will be just as fierce an advocate on these issues as I would be. This is why I supported Martha Marx’s  candidacies in 2018 and 2020 and why I will again in 2022.” 

Finizio said that in the end politics should be about public service not personal ego.

“That is why I believe the best thing I can do to ensure our community gets the senator we deserve is to respectfully withdraw from the race.”