Opposition to the Planned Storage Facility at 224 Shore Rd, Old Lyme


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To the Editor:

I am writing in opposition regarding the project at 224 Shore Rd in Old Lyme that is requesting a modification.

  1. This project was approved very quickly during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic with little input and/or opposition from public. Notice given to property owners within 100 feet. People across the street weren’t notified!
  2. The project was approved on July13, 2020 after multiple cancellations of meetings, none virtual.
  3. This project was approved with 4 buildings that were supposed to be in size 1,800-4,200 sf are now up to 6400 sf  and 6600 sf with no renderings of the building or placement on the plot plan. Wouldn’t it be nice if we knew what it would like before it was approved to be able to compare before and after? Personally, my opinion, most shortage facilities are not pleasing to the eyes — notable exception, the one off I-95 exit at Spencer Plains Rd, which is with other commercial buildings away from residential housings.
  4. Agenda as of January 8 2022, have not yet been posted on the Town of Old Lyme website.  What is the required notice for any agenda on town website?
  5. It’s been long time since this project was originally approved. Shouldn’t it have been done in a reasonable timeframe? 18 months is a long time. Really can’t blame Covid-19 as construction was continuing elsewhere.
  6. Since this is a major change to the original approval, a new application should be filed with all permits with the zoning board and the original unapproved because of the length of time with no construction. Requirements change!
  7. A new public hearing should be held where all residents of Old Lyme can attend either by in person or by virtual means as we should have a say on what our town is becoming: a junkyard for people who can’t seem to get rid of things. Yes, I know, it’s for my boat, car etc.. there are plenty of areas away from our residential ones. Put it there! 

On meeting Jan 10, 2022, It became very CLEAR…this was a maintenance facility that is allowing storage so it can be approved.

The zoning board asked about the delay in construction on the project, and were told, because of Covid-19’s affect on price.

Since they were given a pass on time (18 months to date), we should be given the same consideration regarding the initial timeframe of appeal of the approval.

Lawrence Osowiecki
Old Lyme, CT