About that Civil Violence


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We’re Teetering on the Edge of Civil Violence Northern Ireland once Endured — this was the headline of a column by Scott Deshefy, published by the CT Examiner. 

Mr Deshefy is wrong because we have already experienced Civil Violence….by Progressives and their ANTIFA surrogates.

We have already had the civil unrest and bombings that Northern Ireland suffered.  Here are examples — all riots and violence by Progressives and their ANTIFA.

Remember when ANITIFA destroyed buildings at Berkeley because a Conservative wanted to speak there?   This is open-minded Progressivism?  This is freedom of speech? 

These examples go on and on.  

Yes, Conservatives rioted at the Capitol on 1/6/21.  One unarmed protester was shot dead by the Capitol police. This was an example of an attack on a federal building…as was the attempted burning of the Federal Court House in Portland by the Progressive ANTIFA.  Yet no howls of indignation by Progressives about this.

There is rioting and violence on both sides, but violence by the Progressive side is much more prevalent.  Lootings, riots, burnings, inner city murders, increase in crime.  Nobody can blame Conservatives for these.

Robert Curt
Westbrook, CT