78 Million Reasons to Temper Reporting on the Connecticut Port Authority

David Kooris, chair of the Connecticut Port Authority, (Credit: CT Examiner/Hewitt)


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To the Editor:

There are at least 78 million reasons Brendan Crowley should have tempered his recent article with an opposing view.

Confidence is a prerequisite to leadership.  The ability to deliver on what you say you’re going to do is a requirement of good leadership. Connecticut Port Authority was upbeat and smiling when they told the Public, that the remake of State Pier would cost $93 million. A year and a half later the cost had grown to $157 million, but the Port Authority remained so confident that they obliged the CT taxpayer to cover all cost over runs. The project climbed to $200 million, then $235 million. A $78 million blunder.  

The Port Authority told us they would have the Army Corps permit in March 2021.   Then August. Acknowledging cost increases would likely accompany further delay, the Port Authority was sure they’d have the permit by October.  Finally, in December, nine months late, they got it.

At best the Port Authority has been negligently optimistic.  I’m more inclined to believe they’re hiding incompetence behind confidence.  

Four members of the Public challenged the Port Authority at their meeting today. Would CT Examiner follow up with a piece on these opposing views?

Kevin Blacker
Noank, CT