So What… I Don’t Care


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To the Editor:

President Trump defeated himself via his abrasive personality, not his record in office.  When I ask my Democrat friends which of Trump’s policies they most disagree with (economic, domestic, border control, foreign, etc.) they cannot name one.  They say ‘all of them’.

All of them’ is a cop-out.  It displays a hatred for the person, not his policies or results.

OK, people hate Trump because he is an egotistic, narcissistic bully.  So what?  Do we elect presidents based on their personalities or what they can do for the country?  

Jimmy Carter is a beloved person, but he was not a good president.  Joe Biden may be a nice guy, but he is in way over his head.  He continues to call Vice President Harris ‘President Harris’, among his many other missteps.  Most of us believe that Biden has no clue on how to run the country..he is told what to do.  The pompous but highly intelligent Trump had a vision and was a leader…. unlike Biden.

Before the China-born corona virus Trump gave us the best US economy in 70 years, the lowest unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics in history.  A record number of people employed.  A drastic reduction in the number of people on food stamps and welfare.  The Trump tax cuts and reduction in strangling regulations gave us this prosperity.  

ISIS was destroyed.. no more weekly reports of beheadings, bombings and gay people being thrown off roofs as we had under Obama.

But now we have the highest rate of inflation in 40 years.  People do not want to work because they can live better off of their social benefits.  Gasoline is up 50%.  Keystone pipeline is canceled and instead this Canadian oil is transported via railroad which has killed dozens of people in the last few years.

Crime is an afterthought…shoplifting under $900 is not a crime in California.  ‘Defund the police…no I changed my mind, don’t defund the police’.

Maybe it is a ‘so what’ situation.  Maybe Americans just live out our lives and don’t care.  Let China take over.  I am 71 years old.  I know I cannot change things at a national level and at this point, I don’t care

Bob Curt
Westbrook, CT