Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo Comments on Tuesday’s Election

Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo


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In a call, Connecticut Democratic Party Chair Nancy DiNardo comments to CT Examiner on Tuesday’s municipal elections.

There were some disappointments, but there were also some wins that we were very excited about. We did flip some towns that were Republican to Democrat, and we did flip some boards and hold onto some boards in Republican-leaning towns. In many of the open seats, what happened is that the same party maintained power. For example, in Danbury, Republicans controlled the mayor’s seat, and Republicans won again. In Stamford, Democrats controlled the mayor’s seat, and Democrats won again.

One of the things that happened yesterday that was positive was the diversity around the state on various boards. In Norwalk, nine out of 15 of the council seats are women, and we have seen women getting elected more around the state, like Stamford electing the first female mayor. East Haven won the town clerk’s seat which had been held by the Republicans for a very long time.

As far as what this means for 2022, I think we’re thinking about two different types of elections. Municipal elections are really about local issues, and people are concerned about safety, education and taxes.

As far as it being a wake-up call, I wouldn’t say that. If you look at the Governor’s numbers, he’s very popular and he’s done a great job, and people like him, so I don’t know that the elections this year would be indicative of what’s going to happen next year.