Do You Believe our Elections are Fair?


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I have only one question for Republican candidates.  Do you believe our elections are fair and will you accept the results of the November 2nd election?

I am sorry I have to ask this question but according to polls, three out of four Republicans believe Donald Trump won the Presidency.  Our local RTC and elected Republicans have not told me their feelings, nor have they addressed the issue of the January 6th “riot” in Washington, DC.

My family was Republican. But they were a different ilk. My cousin, who described himself as “an Eisenhower man,” was named to SCOTUS by Richard Nixon. His name was Warren Burger and he was, as Chief Justice, the man who forced the same Richard Nixon to turn over the audio tapes which led to that President’s resignation. I asked him about his decision when I was working in Washington for President Carter. “Why did you make President Nixon turn over the tapes,” I asked. “Because he lied to the American people. The people deserve better,” he said. “But he appointed you Chief Justice?” I ventured. “He lied to our country and that cannot be tolerated.”

I was raised to believe “honesty is the best policy.” It was drilled into me by my very Republican family.  As I mentioned, I worked with President Carter in Washington.  Frankly, I do not like either of the primary Political parties and I am registered as unaffiliated.  Honesty is the most important issue to me as a voter. Because the RTC has endorsed a person for the school board who allegedly feels that Gov. Ned Lamont’s 44,000 vote win was the result of fraud, I must ask the candidates for Selectmen to make clear their opinions.

Charlotte Scot
Old Lyme, CT