We All Know that Prices Up? Why did this Happen?


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We all know that prices are up especially for gasoline, home heating oil, groceries, cars, appliances, etc. Why did this happen?

Let’s look at energy prices. Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline on day one and severely restricted production of oil and gas in the US. Now that prices have spiked he is asking OPEC to increase their oil production! Where would we rather rely upon for our energy supplies…the US and Canada or Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela? The same amount of CO2 is produced from US and the foreign oil that Biden is pleading for.

Ok, we should reduce pollution, but we need to rely upon fossil fuels for the next few decades. During this time should we use US/Canadian oil or be dependent on Saudi oil? Clearly we should use secure domestic supplies rather than unsecure foreign oil. We have gone to war over foreign oil…killing many American soldiers. Is this the position we want to be in?

Now for inflation on broad based consumer items. A definition of inflation is ‘too many dollars chasing too few goods’. The Democrats injected $1.5 Trillion into the economy in 2021 and extended unemployment benefits to the point it is more beneficial for many people to not work. There are presently more available jobs than people receiving unemployment benefits. Because of the labor shortage and higher costs, stores, restaurants and virtually all suppliers have been forced to raise prices. We are all experiencing this.

That is what has happened. Democrats are lying to us when they say this inflation is short term. Remember this when voting on November 2.

RP Curt
Westbrook, CT