Table Halls Road Proposal, Allow Time to Understand Pivotal Changes


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Though there have been forums and impressive site boards at Town Hall for the Halls Road Village District, the actual zoning regulations and design guidelines (the most important items) have JUST become public, and were not available on the town’s website for two weeks AFTER the zoning hearing began.

Members of zoning, and everyone else for that matter, still lack a “depth of knowledge” of the proposed changes, and with the complex rules they need REAL¬†time and professional advice on the implications of such major changes.

It makes no sense to waste years of work in a rush to vote.

Therefore, the Zoning Commission should TABLE these pivotal changes until there’s a deeper and wider understanding with comment by zoning experts and affected property owners.

With short term goals, and legal attention to the details of the changes, we can work our way, slowly but surely to realistic success.


  1. Obtain requirements from CTDOT relating to Route 1
  2. Survey all properties
  3. Be cognizant of unintended consequences of changes
  4. Continuing public survey/transparency 
  5. An immediate focus on sidewalks, greenery and passive lighting

As with Hartford’s dictating “one size fits all” zoning regulations for towns, this proposal feels as if, “we the public”, are being saved from ourselves by a very small group of people.

Sloan Danenhower
Old Lyme, CT

Danenhower is the Republican candidate for a seat on Old Lyme’s Zoning Commission