One Senate Seat for Darien, Not Two


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In concert with the Federal census, Connecticut is constitutionally bound to review the state population every ten years and reapportion legislative district boundary lines. The 2020 census was completed four months behind schedule and as a result, Governor Lamont has appointed a Reapportionment Commission; Senator Bob Duff (D) is a member of the Commission. The Commission has until the end of November to complete their analysis and vote on the reallocation of district boundaries.

Darien is presently divided by the 25th and 27th State Senate Districts; the incumbent State Senators are Bob Duff (D) and Patricia Billy Miller (D). The boundaries of these two districts mix the population of Darien with that of Norwalk and Stamford. I submit that the 25th and 27th Senate districts do not serve Darien; the population is weighted heavily to the voters of Norwalk and Stamford and dilutes the voters of Darien. Darien needs State Senate representation that is more accountable to Darien’s interests.

If you agree the Town of Darien should have representation in Hartford under one Senate district (not two), then please email the Reapportionment Commission and tell them State Senate boundaries need to be redrawn with Darien under one State Senator.

Rolf Obin
Archer Lane
Darien, CT