In Crunch Time, Doug Lefko Synched Well With Killingworth Board of Finance


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To the Editor:

I write this letter in enthusiastic support of Doug Lefko’s candidacy for a full term on the Killingworth Board of Finance. Doug was a replacement for another Republican who resigned from the board for personal reasons this past winter.

Doug was thrown into board deliberations during the crunch time of budget season and synched well with the board and was knowledgeable and capable during deliberations. I later found that this was not surprising given his background in budget formulation for numerous years for another town and his years of financial consultancy with several large corporate entities. 

Before discussion of fire department budget issues Doug was one of the few members who actually went to the firehouse, inspected conditions and spoke with members about their needs. Doug was a great addition to the Board of Finance and I hope the voters will allow him to continue his insightful, able and knowledgeable service to our town by granting him a full term on the Board of Finance.

Andrew J. O’Neill                                                                                                                                    
Killingworth, CT