Dig Deeper and You will Find Significant Reasons Why we Need New Leadership


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To the Editor:

I am writing in regards to the upcoming elections for political leadership positions within Old Lyme.  Old Lyme needs new leadership. On the surface things seem to be moving along fine, but dig deeper and you will find significant reasons why we need new leadership.  The economic impact resulting from both the COVID epidemic and the significant challenges facing our retail businesses from the paradigm shift to online shopping means that we no longer can afford to wait until issues surface and deal with them as one-offs. We need leadership with a clear vision of how to anticipate these challenges and position the town to meet them, so Old Lyme can have a vibrant economy, while maintaining our small-town New England feel and charm.   

Under the current administration, there has been a pattern of failure to exercise leadership and implement solutions. The common thread running through all of the controversies surrounding the public/private land dispute on Tantummaheag Road, the beaver dam flooding issue, the Ferry Road tree issue, the head-in-the-sand approach to the racism proclamation, the sewer mess, and the never-ending, piecemeal approach to Soundview issues, all demonstrate a pattern of procrastination and failure to propose and implement workable solutions. Board and commission members have been appointed without endorsement by the chairs, and many boards and commissions are working on the same issues—independently and without coordination, collaboration or leadership from the First Selectman. We desperately need new ideas, new approaches and, most importantly, new leadership.  

This is why I am voting for new leadership in Old Lyme, Martha Shoemaker, First Selectwoman and Jim Lampos, Board of Selectman, on November 2nd. 

Kimberly Taliento 
Old Lyme, CT