With Lampos, Affordable Housing Need Not be a ‘Scary Monster’


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To the Editor:

Affordable housing does not need to be the scary monster that many fear it to be, and we have to change that narrative! With thoughtful planning, affordable housing can be a win-win for the town of Old Lyme. Jim Lampos, candidate for the Board of Selectman, has excellent ideas for how to make that happen.

Being an Old Lyme historian, Jim is very conscious of the importance of protecting the character of Old Lyme. He points out that affordable housing units can enhance that character by improving properties that now conflict with it.

Affordable housing projects could turn some of our vacant, eyesore buildings into affordable places for young couples and families wanting to move into town. Some small, empty plots could be used for one-level homes for seniors who don’t want to leave Old Lyme but need a place to downsize when their current homes become too big. We would all benefit from attracting and retaining these taxpayers!

With the right planning and execution, affordable housing can become a tool to keep the things we all love about Old Lyme safe–not an effort to change them. Jim Lampos has sound ideas about how to make affordable housing a big win for Old Lyme, and I strongly support him for Selectman.

Peter Hunt
Old Lyme, CT