Plainfield Needs Proven Leadership


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Plainfield needs proven leadership, and that is exactly what we have with First Selectman Kevin Cunningham. Over the past two years, we have seen the town moving forward in leaps and bounds, and we need to continue moving forward, not altering the course. Kevin Cunningham has proven that he can keep taxes low, with NO increase over his two years of service. He has helped bring in jobs and revenue with a new Amazon facility and a bunch of small businesses. He has brought back transportation to our town with NECCOG buses. He brought back recreation, refurbished the Memorial Parks, and supports the police, seniors, and veterans. The Town of Plainfield needs proven leadership, NOT promises without a resume.

We need people to get out on November 2nd and re-elect Kevin Cunningham for First Selectman — a proven leader for Plainfield.

Mike Broughton
Plainfield, CT

Broughton is chair of the Plainfield RTC