A Commitment to Truly Understanding their Role


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As election day draws near, I encourage all Old Saybrook residents to exercise their rights to cast a ballot. Old Saybrook municipal elections are won and lost by very small margins, so please let your voice be heard. Know the person behind the name on the ballot and decide who is the best candidate based on facts, not rhetoric. As some residents seek to politicize everything about the Old Saybrook Police Commission, I remain steadfast in my resolve to do what is best for our community and all commissioners should do likewise.

In my six years as a member of this commission, I have learned a lot. I know commissioners should fully understand their roles based on law not opinion. Commissioners should seek to protect victims. They should understand how public boards and commissions operate and follow those guidelines. It is also critical that commissioners become educated in all aspects of the department and be ready to share correct information with their constituents.

I will be voting for Susan Quish who has repeatedly demonstrated these qualities in her time with me on the police commission. I will also be supporting Eric Dussault, Jeff Jordan, and Katie Toolan because they have already begun educating themselves. They care about the role of the Police Commission and have attended multiple individual and group meetings with me and others to learn how the commission operates. There is a lot to learn as a member of a public board or commission and these candidates have already shown their commitment to truly understanding their role and how they can support our families and our community.

Please come out and vote on November 2nd. Your ballot matters!

Joe Maselli
Old Saybrook, CT

Maselli is a member of the Old Lyme Police Commission