CEA’s Kate Dias Responds


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From fairness to justice, the values of the Connecticut Education Association are as enduring as its long history of aggressively defending teacher rights. The right to personal privacy is a key pillar of our commitment to our members. Therefore, your recent attempt to bait our organization into speaking publicly about any current or former members’ employment is a failed attempt. 

We work every day to make teaching a profession marked by trust and respect—never would we violate that trust no matter how hard your Internet site hurls accusations and repeats toxic rhetoric (Oct. 16, litany of accusations by Julia Werth). Offering testimony from individuals with criminal arrests calls into question the integrity of the reporting.

As professional educators and elected CEA leaders, we labor along with a highly skilled and dedicated staff. Knowing this, we find it beyond the bounds of decency that you would attempt to publicly humiliate one of our staff members who has gone above and beyond for countless teachers in countless situations. We hope your site’s decision makers feel the full measure of shame such conduct warrants.

Kate Dias
CEA President