A Republic, if We can Keep it


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A wave of unprecedented government overreach is racing toward us.  National and state Democrats are on a drive to change policies in energy, education, health, and even zoning in our towns. 

Inflation is up 5.4%, gas and grocery costs are rising each week, and store shelves are expected to be bare in the coming months.   

A pair of intentionally deceptive “infrastructure” bills that will saddle Americans with trillions more in debt and increase an already massive bureaucracy is their solution. 

Our community must engage in civics and push back. Communicate with our delegates in Hartford and Washington D.C., study the Constitution- and most importantly — vote on November 2nd.

Please consider voting for our Republican Row B candidates who will work to keep a small, efficient, and responsive Government of the People.

Frank Mills
Plainfield, CT

Mills is vice chairman of the Plainfield RTC and candidate for the Planning and Zoning Commission.