SRO’s Not the Issue in Old Saybrook


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To the Editor:

As a member of the Old Saybrook Democratic Town Committee, I am INCENSED by letters written to support Republican Candidates for the Police Commission  continually focusing on SRO policing in our School system.  They falsely intimate  Democratic candidates running for the Police Commission want to eliminate SROs.  

The topic of removing SROs has never been a discussion at any of the OSDTC  meetings or sub committees.  Not a word about SROs is in our platform for election.  The authors of these letters have manufactured an issue without substance to gain the vote of concerned parents.  

I had always held that Old Saybrook Republicans were different from the Trump Republican.  Yet I now see them resorting to Trumpian tactics by creating falsehoods to frighten and mislead voters. 

This election is NOT about SROs.  It is about the role of Police Commissioners.  How they view their responsibility to the citizens of Old Saybrook and the employees of the OSPD.  It is about real transparency, forthrightness and community service.  

I urge all voters to support and vote for the entire Democratic slate for Police Commission on November 2: Chub Wilcox, Renee Shippee, Jill Notar-Francesco, Jessica Calle and Carol Manning   

Barry O’Nell
Old Saybrook, CT