Old Lyme DTC: Carter Can’t Have it Both Ways


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To the Editor:

On October 7, the CT Examiner published a response by Chris Carter, chairman of the Old Lyme Republican Town Committee (RTC), to Dave Rubino’s letter of October 6 regarding the candidacy of Mona Colwell for the Region 18 Board of Education.  Mr. Rubino cited Colwell’s history of Facebook posts and public statements promoting extreme and debunked anti-vax conspiracy theories. One might have assumed that the RTC chair would either try to distance the Republican slate from these views or else claim them to be somehow false, despite the fact that they were his candidate’s own words.  Instead, Carter did the opposite, noting that the Republicans chose to endorse two candidates – Ms. Colwell being one of them – who were unaffiliated because they were, “the best people for the job.”  To be clear, the RTC doubled down – confirming that it is sufficiently in line with Ms. Colwell’s positions that it is willing to endorse her despite the fact that she is not a registered Republican.

Surprisingly, Carter also noted that, “it is imperative that we elect candidates committed to keeping our schools safely open.”  On this we agree.  And the Connecticut Department of Public Health and virtually every other public health official nationally and internationally have noted that COVID vaccines “are the most effective tool available to keep schools open and safe.”

Mr. Carter can’t have it both ways.  His response confirms that the RTC either shares Colwell’s fringe beliefs and conspiracy theories, or that it fails to understand why her views, and her critical thinking skills, indicate that her decisions on the Board of Education will not be in the best interests of our children.  (Per the CT Examiner, the RTC “quickly and unanimously approved its slate of candidates” in a 10-minute meeting).  In either case, the endorsements by the RTC cannot be trusted.

Christine Gianquinto
Chair, Old Lyme DTC