Nobody Works Harder for Killingworth than Eileen Blewett


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To the Editor:

Over the last two years, I have attended numerous Board of Selectman and Board of Education meetings.  One constant presence at these meetings and many more is Selectwoman Eileen Blewett.  Nobody works harder in her roles within the town than Eileen.  A person without such work ethic wouldn’t be able to keep up with such a grueling schedule between work, family and volunteering for our community.  Killingworth needs a Selectman who has lived in own, raised children here, and understands Killingworth’s needs and challenges.  Our most important accolade in this town is volunteerism and Eileen is no stranger to this.  

Eileen has demonstrated her commitment to the position as Selectman by taking the time to be fully informed on the workings of the town.  In addition to attending Board of Selectmen meetings, she consistently attends the Board of Finance and Charter Revision Commission meetings, and prioritized visiting the Fire Department, Highway Department, and services like Parmelee Farms, Helping Hands and HK Backpack.  By being well informed, she has been a real asset as the minority voice on the BOS.  She is also an active volunteer with several groups in town, including the Killingworth Women’s Organization, Helping Hands, Killingworth Scholarship Association and HK Backpack Program and if that wasn’t enough she works helping disabled adults to live independently!  These activities have kept her in touch with residents and enables her to be their voice on the Board of Selectmen.  Eileen has also pushed to bring in new voices to the towns committees and commissions and pushed for broader representation and new voices to running of the town.  

She consistently sees the needs and issues in town and raises these during the public BOS meetings to push for action and better communication with the town.  There are many examples of this in her first term; Eileen started the conversation on reviewing the service plan for the dedicated volunteers of the Fire Department and pushed for action on this.  

Eileen has also been a proponent for greater long-term fiscal responsibility.  First by raising the need to fully fund the capital fund every year, to be better able to address the large number of capital needs in town.  More importantly, she is pushing to tackle several of the major capital projects that have long gone unaddressed.  The Town Hall is in desperate need of repair, and she has pushed for a committee to work on this.  The Fire Department had previously done a detailed needs analysis which was never acted on and Eileen has pushed for this. Lastly, there has been an open budget item to engage a consultant to review the needs and efficiencies of the Highway Department that she is advocating to push forward on.  

In conclusion Eileen Blewett has my vote and support for the Board of Selectman and the Board of Education.  Her dedication to the Town of Killingworth is second to none.  Pertaining to all matters of the BOS, Eileen does her research and is always aptly prepared to stand up for what is right for her constituents.  Please consider Eileen Blewett for Board of Selectman and Board of Education on Election Day.

Graig S. Judge
Killingworth, CT