Clinton PTA: Article One-Sided


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To the Editor:

The Board of the Clinton PTA is incredibly disappointed with the recent article [Oct.16, “After Tragedy, Clinton Teachers Claim Age Discrimination, Hostile Work Environment“] in the CT Examiner. This reporter sensationalized the passing of one of our beloved teachers, and for no clear reason tied it into an article about dated teacher grievances with a previous administration.

As the PTA, we can share that to date no Clinton teacher has ever come to us to bring to our attention anything that was discussed in the article. The article is one sided, especially since administration is legally not allowed to comment on individual cases due to privacy. While we don’t always agree, we have a very collaborative relationship with Maryann O’Donnell and Marco Famiglietti. We highly respect them and the way they have led Clinton Public Schools.

Heather Moore
Clinton PTA President

CT Examiner responds: Surely, PTA President Heather Moore is aware that few (if any) of our numerous questions to members of the Board of Education, the superintendent, and the union involved individual cases, or fell under rules of privacy.