Baseless Claims of Ageism as Community Heals


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To the Editor:

Today you have committed an absolute crime against education and mental health. Allowing your “writer” to hijack and sensationalize a town’s tragedy to catch the attention of readers? As a family and community tries to heal from an unthinkable loss, your “paper” uses it to connect to baseless ageism claims from years ago and a previous administration?

With all the obstacles, mental health issues and struggles education systems are handling you think this is productive? You think this is journalism? You are completely aware that the administration can not comment on individual cases due to privacy but you tell the angry, one-sided stories of disgruntled former employees that likely had significant allegations that were investigated and dealt with professionally? Shame on you.

Kristin Cafferty
Clinton, CT

Cafferty is a 27-year art educator and head teacher at East Haven Academy