Old Saybrook Police Commission Candidate Challenges Board Democrats


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Republican candidates running for seats on the Old Saybrook Police Commission have conducted a positive campaign focused on public safety, transparency, honesty, professionalism, and respect. In the meantime, our Democrat challengers, and their surrogates on social media, have run a campaign based largely on disparaging the Old Saybrook Police Department and the Police Commission itself. That said, I’d like to pose two questions we should all be asking.

The Democrat candidates claim to support an SRO program, but are silent as to who might staff it. The Republican candidates are clear — we support the exceptional existing program staffed by armed law enforcement professionals. Do all five Democrat candidates agree? If not, what alternative do they propose? Every parent with a school age child has a right to an immediate answer.

The Democrat candidates talk a lot about oversight, but have yet to define it. Their two candidates currently serving on the commission, Renee Shippee and Alfred “Chub” Wilcox, have refused to return privileged domestic violence documents currently in their possession. Attorney Michael Rose, of the Law Firm Rose Kallar LLP, states, in part, in his opinion letter dated October 7, 2021 concerning the matter: “To the extent that members of the Board of Police Commission or any other civilian employee or police officer, is maintaining documents in a private fashion, is illegal under the Freedom of Information Act and could subject the Town of Old Saybrook to fines and penalties for violating the Act”. Do Democrats view this as proper oversight? We await their response.

I encourage all voters, regardless of political affiliation, to vote for Republican Police Commission candidates. Let’s keep Old Saybrook safe!

Jeff Jordan
Old Saybrook, CT

Jordan has been endorsed by the Old Saybrook Republican party in his run for a seat on the Old Saybrook Police Commission