Voter Apathy Produces the Same Result as Voter Suppression

Voter hands


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To the Editor:

As a former Selectwoman in Old Saybrook, I have experience with municipal elections. Traditionally around 65% of registered voters stay home rather than vote. Therefore, voter apathy produces the same result here as voter suppression laws do elsewhere. When registered voters – Democratic, Independent and Republican – don’t cast ballots, they give up their right to representation on quality of life decisions regularly made by elected Boards and Commissions. Most Old Saybrook voters would fight suppression laws. Those same voters can cure apathy!

As a candidate for Police Commission in the 2021 municipal election, I know registered voters have many choices of candidates from “both sides of the aisle”. The Democratic slate of candidates demonstrates true diversity of voters – younger and older, male and female, married and single, renters and homeowners, politically experienced and enthusiastic novices. Each of these candidates wants the opportunity to represent us at the leadership tables of Old Saybrook government, most especially the teams running for Police Commission and Board of Finance.

Together, let’s build a better future. Join me in voting for the entire Democratic team on November 2nd. Remember, our votes are our voices in action!

Carol A. Manning
Old Saybrook, CT