Maintaining Local Zoning Control: Character Matters

Image Credit: Robin Breeding


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As you may know, the State of Connecticut’s senatorial Leadership believes that the State should have more control of local zoning regulations.  The State Senate passed a bill this year that pushes our towns to loosen zoning policies such as preserving the “character of the towns”.  The vote on this bill was 24 to 12.  One Democrat and 11 Republicans voted against this bill.  The bill was subsequently passed by the legislature on a partisan basis.  While ultimately the bills’ key proponents didn’t achieve all of their goals for shifting zoning decisions to the State, nonetheless this bill opened the door for future losses of local zoning control.

With this as a backdrop, it has never been more important to elect members of the zoning commission in Old Lyme that favor strong regulations that preserve the character of the town.

The character of Old Lyme is part rural, part historical, part coastal and beach oriented, and part art, nature, lakeside, and wildlife centered.  And while it is a town with varied zoning categories, it has maintained a congruity of character over the years.  Commercial zones are generally separate from residential zones.  Zoning changes have been moderate over time and have not allowed commercialization of lovely residential neighborhoods.  It remains an aesthetically and socially attractive town for all newcomers and long-term taxpayers.

The worst thing voters can do in November is elect Zoning Board Members who favor more State control and liberation of town zoning regulations.  Character is what makes Old Lyme an attractive place to live.  Protect that character.

Vote for Republican Candidates to the Zoning Board on November 2nd.

Keith Czarnecki
Old Lyme, CT