Vote for Proven Stewardship


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What drives the real estate market today in Old Lyme?  In speaking with many realtors in our town, they identify three major factors.

First is the beauty of the area.  Situated at the mouth of the Connecticut River and Long Island Sound combined with rolling hills, deep lakes, and flowing streams, one has to appreciate this beautiful natural setting.

Second is the school system.  From elementary school through high school, the five schools continue to win awards and state recognition in academics, music, athletics, robotics, and drama.  It is truly an exceptional school system.

Third, the town leadership is dedicated to fiscal responsibility.  Hence property taxes are reasonable.

These positive factors didn’t happen by accident.  The beauty of the town requires preservation through multiple land grants, nature conservancies, and effective zoning ordinances.  The school and other public services require proper funding and support, but this is coupled with careful financial management.

All of this has been accomplished over the years through the leadership of Tim Griswold as our First Selectman.   His wise and consistent commitment to support the above attributes assures Old Lyme remains a very special and sought   after place to live.

I encourage you to vote for Tim Griswold for First Selectman on November 2nd.

Maria Corrao Marchant
Old Lyme, CT.