The Value and Need for Old-School Republican Values and Policies

State Senate candidate Brendan Saunders


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The current political climate illustrates the value and need for old-school Republican values and policies.  Republicans have been presented with a great opportunity to differentiate our policies with those of the left.  Nationally and statewide, we see that the policies of the left continue to fail those they are intended to assist. For example, crime has risen in the wake of calls to defund the police; and our nation’s southern border is in a crisis, the result of a reluctance to enforce immigration laws. 

Here in the state of Connecticut, our Democrat-controlled legislature has called special sessions to tax the trucks using our highways; legalize cannabis; and to extend the governor’s emergency executive powers.  They have ignored the fact that the cost for these new taxes on the trucks that deliver almost all of the products we use will inevitably be passed on and paid for by the residents of the state.  They have ignored the studies that have shown that legalizing cannabis does not eliminate the “black market”.  They have given a first term governor two years of unchecked power while the legislators, elected to represent the people, have willfully abdicated their responsibilities.

Republicans, now more than ever, we need to become active in our communities.   We need to grow our presence, our influence, and our numbers.   We cannot allow infighting, inactivity, and bad strategies to continue holding us back.  We cannot be a party that requires a purity test to prove one’s Republican bona fides. We must be an inclusive party that supports and encourages civic involvement and leadership at every level of our political process.

I am an advocate of Ronald Reagan’s “Big Tent” philosophy.  I believe every Republican voice is welcome.  I believe that issues ought to be debated in a civil and respectful manner, free of personal insults, and focused on the merits.  I do not seek uniformity; rather, I desire unity and cooperation.  We don’t all have to walk, talk, and think alike; we can, and should, value uniqueness.  We must rally around our common values and vision, the core Republican values of Individual Freedom, Limited Government, and Fiscal Responsibility. These ideals offer the best approach to govern our communities, our state, and our nation.

Individual freedom and personal liberty are God given rights. They should only be restricted by Government to the extent necessary to secure the rights and safety of all citizens. When unfettered by excessive government, the exercise of these liberties results in a good that is greater than any government program or directive could ever implement.

Limited Government understands this and, therefore, values personal freedom.  Limited government is not a lack of government, rather it is an efficiently run government that focuses on equality of opportunity.

Fiscal Responsibility demands restraint on the growth, cost, and power of government, enabling it to operate efficiently; and, in turn, providing opportunity for all citizens to flourish and grow.

Friends, we are not alone.  No man is an island unto himself, and no political party exists in a vacuum.  For these values to take root in our towns, cities, state, and nation, we must facilitate partnerships with like-minded folk.  It is only as we lock arms and put our hand to the plow that we will see a bright new day emerge.

Brendan Saunders

Chairman, Clinton Republican Town Committee