Small Elections Have the Greatest Impact on Our Lives in Old Saybrook

Republican candidate for Old Saybrook Police Commission, Eric Dussault


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As the seasons change, schools resume, and soccer season (which I coach) begins, don’t forget about the upcoming municipal election. These small elections typically have the lowest voter turnout but have the greatest impact on our daily lives in Old Saybrook. We should encourage our family, friends, and neighbors to vote on November 2nd as a community.

As a candidate for Police Commission this year, I am requesting your support not because of the letter next to my name on the ballot, but because of what I bring to the table. 

I will always make level headed decisions in the best interest of the town based on all the facts presented. If elected to a two-year term, I pledge to work with all commission members, regardless of who is seated at the table, and to ask difficult questions when necessary. Oversight, transparency and support within the confines of the Commission bylaws are essential to both the community and the department.

We hope to see everyone out voting on November 2nd so that we can keep Old Saybrook the strong, safe, and vibrant community in which we all live.

Eric Dussault
Old Saybrook, CT

Dussault, a Republican, is running for a two-year term on the Police Commission.