Extension of Emergency Powers Defies Intent of Government by the People


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Webster (remember them?) defines “emergency” as:

1 : an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action 

2 : an urgent need for assistance or relief 

The founding fathers envisioned a system of government where self-rule would be accomplished via elected representatives, with a series of checks and balances to ensure that power would not aggregate in any one part of the government.

Governor Lamont’s bid for yet another extension of “emergency powers” defies both the definition of emergency with respect to COVID and it certainly defies the intent of government by the people.

It is absolutely vital that our state government, awash in federal funds, essentially borrowed from our great grand-children, look to the founding principles and act responsibly.  Governor Lamont will not self-regulate – why would he?  His job has become much easier without having to respond to the often cacophonous and raucous will of the people.  Our job is not to make the Governor’s job easier.  Our job as a people is to preserve the fragile hold on our representative form of government.  

All members of the House and Senate in Connecticut that vote to extend the Governor’s “emergency powers” should be put on notice that they will face electoral defeat in their next election.

Robert Ham
Cheshire, CT