CEO Marna Borgstrom to Retire in March after 43 Years at Yale New Haven


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After 43 years at Yale New Haven Hospital and Health System, Chief Executive Officer Marna Borgstrom, announced that she will be retiring on March 25, of 2022. 

“I have loved growing the Yale New Haven Health System and being part of this really incredible organization,” Borgstrom said. 

The board of Yale New Haven Health voted this morning to appoint Chris O’Connor, the current president of the Health System, to the position upon her retirement. 

O’Connor, who was born at Yale New Haven Hospital, also served as the chief operating officer at Yale New Haven Health and the head of Saint Raphael’s Hospital before it joined the health system. 

“There is absolutely no way to walk in Marna’s footsteps. She is an icon in this organization,” O’Connor said. “Overwhelming is a great word … certainly I feel that emotion strongly right now. But, thank you Marna and thank you to the board for their confidence.” 

Although the last 21 months have been some of the most stressful of her 16 years as chief executive officer, Borgstrom said the COVID-19 pandemic did not factor into her decision to retire next year. 

“The pandemic, if anything, delayed this a little bit with so much unknown going on we did not want to do anything that would destabilize the organization in a very delicate time,” she said. 

Borgstrom said she intends to stay involved with not-for-profit work in the New Haven area during her retirement and continue serving on multiple boards including that of the Connecticut Hospital Association. 

During the coming six months of transition, Borgstrom and O’Connor said they will be focusing on strengthening and increasing their workforce as the health system, like many other organizations, is experiencing staffing shortages and burnout of many current employees. 

“We need to increase the pipeline for those to come into this amazing industry,” O’Connor said.