A Decades Long Relentless Attack on the Constitution


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For decades our own government relentlessly has attacked the Constitution.  Although gradual, there has been a continual wearing down of Constitutional limitations within government.  Under the current administration the radical left would like to turn the Constitution into a living document.  In that matter they could change whatever they wanted to.  They continue to disrespect the Constitution by removing the constraints that we conservatives hold dearly, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, 5th Amendment, the 10th Amendment, etc.  The goal of the extreme left in the party is to elevate the US government into a national government with supreme authority controlled by the Democratic party.  

For decades we have allowed the Congress who should be the enforcers of the Constitution to split ideologically.  We now have a Congress that has irreconcilable ideological views on what the Constitution means regarding the federal power.  If the liberal left gets their way the Constitution will change from limiting the power of the Federal government to empowering the Federal government over state’s rights.  

Look at what is taking place in the country today under the Biden Administration.  Progressives are trying to link the Constitution with slavery incorporating the 1619 project claiming that the war with England took place because the English wanted to end slavery in the colonies which is nothing close to the truth. A  project disputed by numerous American historians.  Because of the 1619 project they have created Critical Race Theory and deceive the American people through Woke identity politics.  According to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, conservative Republicans who supported Trump are White Supremacists and the biggest threat to our Democracy. They have stopped the XL Pipeline taken our energy independence away from us laying off thousands allowing gas and heating fuel prices to double in six months. Government is intervening to control private property extending a moratorium on rent evictions ignoring the Supreme Court and all property owners who have to pay mortgages, taxes, utilities, and bills. They are pushing to eliminate the Electoral College leaving small states at the mercy of large liberal states like California and New York.  In Washington DC they turned the National Guard into a petri dish for their progressive social ideology.  Protect Washington, DC but let Portland, LA, Baltimore, Georgia, etc. burn. The damage to the Capital was minuscule compared to what took place in those cities.  They have allowed the Defund the Police movement and have let crime run rapid within every major urban center in the country.  They are putting Covid restrictions on US citizens while allowing open boarders with thousands of illegal migrants into the country testing Covid positive while using taxpayer dollars to pay for temporary housing and travel expenses into the interior of the US without any obligation to become US citizens. They seek to stack the Supreme Court.  If successful they will usurp the interpretation of the Constitution as we know it subject to any changes they desire. They seek to nationalize voting over state’s rights leaving taxpayers at the mercy of those in power in Washington.  

The ruling elites currently in power seek to create a deep state in the direction of socialism and dependency on government.  Contrary to President Biden’s inaugural speech on unity the Democrats have escalated their politics of division.  The radical left in the party hate the American way of life and is determined to destroy the Constitutional foundation that makes America the country we cherish.  If you are a conservative we have to tell those in Congress this is not the right direction for the country. 

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT

Bellotti served as Deputy Labor Commissioner under Gov. John Rowland