Focused Leadership: ‘Checking the Right Boxes’


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Since the Old Lyme municipal elections in 2019, Town Leadership under Mr. Timothy Griswold has been steadfastly focused on completing major town projects and undertakings while keeping town spending under control.  Numerous town projects were floundering prior to this change in leadership.  Subsequently as promised, the Board of Selectman, in concert with prudent support from the Board of Finance, has checked the boxes for campaign promises made in 2019.  Here are a few salient examples of those accomplishments:

  1. Completion of the Mile Creek Bridge Replacement Project.
  2. Completion of the Hains Park Restroom Facilities Project.
  3. Planning set in motion for studying appropriate remedial measures for the Grassy Hill Road Bridge Project.
  4. Completion of the Hartford Avenue Sidewalks Replacement Project at Soundview.
  5. Implementation of Direct Deposit Payroll System for all Town Employees saves the Town money.
  6. Funding of Study for Future Needs for the Lyme-Old Lyme Senior Center Established.
  7. Kept Local Control of Old Lyme Police.

Attention is now directed towards the Soundview Sewer Project and the Route 156 and Halls Road Improvement initiatives while addressing affordable housing issues.  Through all these efforts, town leadership has remained committed to keeping the cost to taxpayers as low as possible.  No major tax increases are on the horizon despite the impacts of Covid on our economy.  The mill rate in the upcoming fiscal year will be increased by a very modest 0.1% to off-set a drop in tax revenue.

Steady stewardship of town cost control and leadership centered on completing town projects and initiatives are key challenges to good local government.  Old Lyme’s current town leadership has met those challenges and checked the right boxes.

In November of 2021, check the right boxes on your ballot to continue supporting good local government.

R. Andrew Nixon
Old Lyme, CT