Alberti Leads Democratic Slate in East Lyme

Camille Alberti, candidate for First Selectman of East Lyme


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The East Lyme Democratic Party released their municipal slate of candidates for the 2021 November elections on Thursday evening, after considering more than a dozen candidates and dealing with two contested seats. 

First Selectman: Camille Alberti

Board of Selectmen: Ann Cicchiello, Terence P. Donovan, Daniel Cunningham

Tax Collector: Christine Dixon

Zoning: Debbie Jett-Harris, Jay Ginsberg (alternate)

Planning: Jason Deeble, Spencer Clapp (alternate)

Board of Ed: Nickie DeLucco Padilla, Bill Derry, Laura Greenstein

Board of Finance: Gary Upton

Town Clerk: Karen Galbo (cross endorsed)

Board of Assessment Appeals: Gary Cicchiello

Town Treasurer: Mike Bekech

Four candidates ran for the three Board of Selectmen spots, and Rose Ann Hardy was the candidate not selected for nomination, in what Democratic Committee Chair Jason Deeble called an “emotional moment for a woman who had served this town in some capacity for 37 years.” 

“There is a real mixture of anxiety and absolute determination among our committee members,” Deeble said. “People are ready to run and excited to get involved.” 

John Kleinhans of the East Lyme Republican Town Council said they looked forward to nominating their municipal slate next week. 

“Our team is comprised of dedicated members of the community who have served for decades to better our town as well as newcomers who are eager to help shape East Lyme’s future,” Kleinhans said. “With Republican leadership at the helm in town since 2007, our community has flourished and we look forward to continuing that tradition.”

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to include the endorsed candidate for town treasurer, Mike Bekech