A Testament to the Spirit and Will of Our Community, 200 Years in the Making


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While a most challenging, unprecedented year forced the Darien community to postpone all bicentennial festivities in 2020, it hasn’t confiscated the will of its people to carry on. In our community of doers and go-getters, we’re seeing to it that such festivities happen – regardless of it occurring a year later than expected.

After all, we have much to celebrate. In Darien, our can-do spirit and collective will has led us through 200 years of incredible history, including two pandemics, and we’re ready for the next chapter and new milestones.

Despite the challenges and setbacks COVID-19 has presented to us over the past year, we’ve come out on top, stronger as one. Though we’re not quite out of the woods yet, our community has made great progress in getting back to normal, or our new sense of it.

Seeing a bounce back in the community was especially important to myself and so many others. As a lifelong Darien resident, my family and I have called this town our home and have lived our personal and professional lives here, beginning with my father, Richard Cheswick, who founded Cheswick Investment Co, a wealth management firm.

Founded in Greenwich in 1980, we relocated the firm to Darien in 2008, where only a year later it became MacGuire, Cheswick & Tuttle Investment Counsel through a merger with local fiduciary professionals Kevin MacGuire and David Tuttle.

We have long strived for our firm to play a larger role in the Darien community and engage with organizations making a difference. We want to ensure every step of the way, our people are upstanding citizens and champions of our locale.

To date, our goals remain the same as an organization. While MacGuire, Cheswick & Tuttle has since undergone another merger, we’re able to continue our mission of bolstering the Darien community at large through our team’s personal philanthropic efforts and community board roles. We hope the post-pandemic revival and town celebrations will inspire other local businesses and entrepreneurs to increase their own level of community engagement.

My partners and I enthusiastically work to unearth new ways to expand our business to provide career opportunities in the Darien area and contribute to the community. Recently, we added Portfolio Manager and Director Charles Tricomi Jr. to our team and became a lead sponsor of the town’s bicentennial celebration.

Giving back to Darien in this way is essential to us as we’re strong advocates for the environment that’s continuously uplifted us, allowed us to build personal and business relationships and gain a strong foothold for our firm. We’re thrilled to live on as an active part of our town and support multiple generations of our clients’ families. We look forward to playing a role in the future of Darien and the regional community.

Our 200th year was arguably one of our most trying times, but we’ve triumphed over our limitations through grit and resilience. To many more successful years, Darien. Let’s celebrate safely and together.

Susan Cheswick Brewer is a lifelong Darien resident and Managing Director and Portfolio Manager at Crestwood Advisors, where she serves as a wealth advisor.