Session Drinking ‘Shows Disrespect for the Integrity of their Offices’


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This week we learned that several members of the Connecticut General Assembly have been drinking alcoholic beverages while in session, delivering testimony while intoxicated on the floor of the House, and, if reports are to be believed, driving home under the influence. House Speaker Matt Ritter has “reprimanded” the offenders, according to news reports. Really? Reprimanded? Our legislators just made Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue. Connecticut is a national laughing stock. 

This behavior at its base is imbecilic. Worse, it shows a total disrespect for the integrity of their offices and for those of us who voted them into those offices. Any of our legislators drinking on the job, be they Democrat or Republican, should resign their position. Furthermore, I call on every member of the Connecticut legislature  to unequivocally  condemn this behavior and assure us they were not part of this sordid debacle. 

Faith Ham
Cheshire, CT