Teaching Critical Race Theory Will only Drive our Children Apart.


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Until we as a society start referring to each other as human beings and stop constantly promoting race this stigma will never go away.  As long as the left and the liberal news media continue to promote racism the problem will exist.  Shaping partisan policy around election cycles is destructive and harmful to society. 

This latest fiasco is allowing politics into our educations system.  Teaching Critical Race Theory will only drive our children apart.  How could lawmakers seek to have educators change curriculum to teach children they are unknowing social activists because of privilege based upon gender, race, and gender identity rather than teach them we are all created equal is beyond comprehension.  The whole concept of “Systemic Racism” only teaches that Constitution and the law are oppressive.  We should never teach our children that one is privileged, and another has been oppressed because of it.  Education needs to remain neutral teaching the building blocks for young minds to grow and expand,

Math science, languages, literature, civics.  Educators should be concerned whether or not the curriculum content in schools meets the standards to measure the ability of a student to excel.  It should not be based upon what political bias is in office.  Politicians should not be complicit in promoting a political ideology to our children.  In particular where public school systems in our inner cities have been pretty much a failure.  It falls on the shoulders of teachers motivated by organized labor.  However the efficiency of our public schools is more than an academic issue. 

Unfortunately, across the country our worst poorly run educationally ineffective school systems are under Democratic control.  The lack of student competition is stymied by union rules and an overabundance of administrators sucking up BOE budgets, again forced by organized labor. The educational facilities in many of our inner cities are also sub-par.  Minority students find themselves held captive to these institutions while politicians remain accountable to no one.  Why is that?  In every major Democratically run urban center across this country students cannot read or write anywhere near acceptable levels.  Other countries like China, Japan, Indonesia, etc. teach math, science, languages while we teach our children to hate themselves or others.  Teaching Critical Race Theory is saying white privilege has held minorities back which will be nothing more than socialist indoctrination.

Teaching white students they are oppressive should have nothing to do with what should be taught in our educational institutions.  It is leftist, political and quite frankly insulting.   This is not what our education system should be about.  Telling white students you are part of the problem while teaching black students they are second class citizens because of white privilege is race baiting and an attack on American values which promotes more hatred.   Ninety-nine percent of white people in the US do not practice racism.  Why does the left want to indoctrinate their children?  If the blame belongs anywhere it is Democratic politicians who are in control who do nothing to lift up the minority population other than make them more dependent on government.  What we should do is ensure all pupils leave education with the knowledge and skills they need to access a wide range jobs in a global market and stop this toxic political rhetoric.

William R. Bellotti
Middlebury, CT 

The writer was deputy commissioner of the state Department of Labor under Republican former Gov. John G. Rowland