Support Existing Restaurants, Not a Huge Monster Venue


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I have lived on the shoreline since 1997. I have seen many restaurants come and go  I am a frequent patron of owner operated restaurants and support small mom and pop stores and businesses. I am disgusted that all these big box stores and internet. Walmart Cosco Amazon are laughing while they gobble up the 70% of small business that help our economy churn. Especially those that have started businesses long before these large box stores to save a couple dimes. The shoreline does not need a 300 capacity venue with tents and portable toilets. And so close to our water!  All that sewage being deposited in the mouth of the sound. These big fat developers don’t care a rats ass about the environment or the impacts. Please support the existing restaurants that have barely survived the pandemic. This huge monster venue will definitely put more small restaurants out of business absolutely for sure.

Martha Kelly,
Westbrook, CT