‘Please Do More Real Homework’


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The article about “seniors” 75 and older getting the COVID-19 vaccine within the next two weeks is inaccurate reporting.

Most people we know are unable to schedule appointments until March or April. Please do more real homework before distributing such misleading information.

Chris & Roddy Roosevelt
Lyme, CT

The Editor replies:

When Gov. Ned Lamont said at a news conference on Jan. 19, that he expected that individuals 75 and older would receive their first doses of vaccine within two weeks, we reported it.

Just five days later, we are aware of a variety of anecdotal reports of speedy and delayed appointments (which appear to vary significantly by provider). Surely, this is worth a follow up, though in fairness to the state’s efforts, we’ll probably allow a few more days before we do so, and our reporting won’t be based on anecdotal evidence.

I stand by the accuracy and quality of this reporting.