Unity? Not So Fast


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It seems that the 46th President is calling for unity and peace with the seventy-five million plus American citizens who voted for Donald J. Trump.  Not so fast.  Trump and his supporters have endured psychotic rage, slander, obfuscation and, wholesale abuse for four-plus years.  If Biden and his devoted sycophants expect those of us who see Trump as a hero who has lanced the boil of the bile smelling elitist to giggle and give in, they are smoking funny cigarettes. It is not going to happen-not without a mass mea culpa.

What is the root of their unprecedented abuse?  Hatred for Trump? Certainty, but it is so much deeper than that. The most primitive form of self-affirmation is to try and make another, or others, feel inferior so you can feel superior.  When the 2016 presidential election results began to roll in, we all witnessed the reactions from the blue media, who had relentlessly informed their readers and listeners that Trump could not and would not become President.

These prognosticators fell apart right before our eyes.  How could they, the self-inflated intellectually challenged purveyors of spin, have been so wrong?  They were outraged and, as the President’s successes began piling up, they became unhinged and not only denigrated the President further but went on the warpath against his millions and millions of supporters.

However, as so often happens, this primitive defense of denigration often exposes the one casting stones.  Fortunately, we have a media character who shines a brilliant light on the workings of this pathology.   Anderson Cooper has impugned Trump and his loyal supporters for years.  Following the riot at the capital, Cooper’s remarks suggesting that Trump supporters will go back to eat at Olive Garden or their Holiday Inn and Marriot Courtyards are revealing.  He was inferring that Trump supporters are classless lowlife.  How ignorant.  Trump supporters come from literally all walks of life and united by their love of freedom and knowledge about what socialism will do to America.  The blue media is clueless.

Cooper’s inferiority may stem from his epic failure of predictions, or perhaps at some level, he knows he would never have risen to where he is today without the Vanderbilt connection.  Only he and a shrink can sort that one out.

It is sad to see these haters sink so low.  The only remedy that will open the possibility for any semblance of unity will require that those who have made an occupation of hate submit to deep deprogramming from the cult of radical leftists-a cult filled with race-baiting, hate-filled, psychological manipulators.

Alison Nichols
Essex, CT