Clarification on the Tantummaheag Road Landing


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I read your article regarding the landing and as always found it well written, factually accurate and unbiased with all opinions reported.

As mentioned at the Harbor Management Commission meeting, I planned to meet with Mr. Frampton, however, due to both our travel schedules, it was not possible to meet in person so we had a lengthy telephone conversation on Dec. 9, the day after the Harbor Management Commission meeting.

During that conversation, I made it clear that the boulders on Town property must be moved and the Town will do so if he does not.

The issue of the boulders has been blown out of proportion by several people who want immediate action. Ironically, the boulders were moved from the location I saw them, with Tim Griswold, when they were blocking the vehicular access. This was over a week before the Harbor Management Commission meeting. The location shown in the photo in your article is of the boulders moved to the other side of the access road, not blocking it (but some are on Town property). Since the access is no longer blocked, moving 3 of them a few feet off town property no longer has the same urgency.

Mr. Frampton and I discussed the various issues for signage, delineating the boundaries so the private property is easily distinguished from the public property and possibilities for parking. I also said that his request to restrict the access to pedestrians only would not be possible.

I recapped the conversation and outlined a proposal for addressing the issues with the location parking being undecided at that point in time. The recap was sent to John MacDonald, incoming Chairman of the Harbor Management Commission. He is handling the situation and has plans for an on-site meeting and Special Meeting of the Harbor Management Commission as I indicated in my previous email to you.

For clarification, the supposed limit for parking of one vehicle in the Harbor Management Plan is being misinterpreted by Mr. Frampton and others to be regulatory. Please note that it is simply informational as to the estimated amount of parking in a listing of Town access locations. It is not an enforceable rule or regulation as being misrepresented. Another example of this point is Pilgrim Landing. Several more vehicles can be easily parked than the number listed in the Harbor Management Plan. The “limit’ is not enforced because it is neither necessary to do so nor a regulation.

I am confident that a fair and reasonable proposal that respects the rights of the public and Mr. Frampton and his wife, to the greatest extent possible, will be presented and approved at a Special Meeting of the Harbor Management Commission on January 12, after which it will be sent to the Board of Selectmen as agreed from the onset of this matter.

Steven A. Ross, Chairman
Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission