The ‘Great Reset’ is knocking on our door


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To the Editor:

The Coronavirus has invaded America, and Americans have experienced what life would be like living under socialism.  Whether over the top or not, the reaction to the virus has thrown the blinds wide-open and given Americans a stellar glimpse of Socialist Rule.

We have, for the time being, lost many of our civil liberties and Freedoms.  We now know first-hand how house arrest orders would affect us; weeks without intimate social contact has taken its toll on many already.  We have seen drones, a thunder-bolt to our civil liberties, flying overhead to control crowd size.  The Feds grabbed control of the Bond Market, and we witnessed fights and fears over no available toilet paper (consider the lack of essentials in socialist Venezuela.)  And what about religious liberties? The threat of recording the license plate numbers of those who went to an outdoor Easter service was offensive.  

The reaction to the virus has exposed little tyrants currently holding office in many states.  Consider the Governor of Michigan, and others of the same ilk, who, for no scientific reason, banned boating with a motor, mowing your lawn, construction, buying seeds, and at the same time condoning “peaceful” riots in the streets.  That Governor has shown us in real-time how Tyranny over the people manifests.

Perhaps the hardest thing to stomach for those who honor freedom is the lunatic idea by Apple and Google to warn people with a phone app when they are near an infected person.  Ponder for a moment what it would look like to have an immunity card that would give the government the power to allow us to leave our homes or not. What’s next?  Should we consider warning advocates of The Great Reset when they are too close to Freedom lovers? Perhaps the other way around would be more helpful.

The silver lining with this horrible virus is that we are experiencing lockdowns similar to police-state rule. We have lost our freedom to assemble (except to burn and pillage) and our freedom to worship.  We have experienced empty grocery shelves and long lines as seen so often in Socialist countries; it is why socialism always fails.  Consider Venezuela under Madura’s rule, Zimbabwe ruled by Mugabe, Cuba ruled by Castro, and China under Mao’s power.  Citizens are the victims, while the leaders, without exception, enrich themselves. The Great Reset is knocking on our door.

Some may consider this abbreviated glimpse of The Great Reset (a more palpable name for Global Socialism)  as a potent warning yet a helpful harbinger of things to come.   Socialists, on the other hand, see the crisis as a catalyst to push their vile ideology.  Is it any wonder why they promote the idea that the country may shut down again if the very flawed scientists and politicians tell us?  Why? They are banking on the unsustainable wreckage and destruction of millions and millions of lives to give them the space to waltz in and burn down the whole system and replace it with a socialist Gulag. The Great Reset.

Constitutionalists have never successfully exposed Americans to the truth that socialism brings economic strangulation and strangulation of our Freedoms. Our youth, the future leaders of America, whose minds are infected, as early as fifth-grade world history classes with the “flowers of Socialism,” are having the most challenging time complying with government control. And why wouldn’t they? Our youth, more than any of us, thrive and grow with social contact. When this ugly chapter of our history takes a pause, will they understand the conflict between their indoctrinated thoughts and their desire for freedom? Lovers of liberty and freedom can only hope that the anti-Constitutional dictatorial actions imposed on Americans have been an antidote to extreme academic and political indoctrination imposed on Americans. And particularly our youth.

Alison Nichols, M.Div.
Essex, CT